All of our photo booths provide you and your guests with unlimited prints, upload of files to Dropbox for free download, professional editing of photos before upload, instant upload to email and social media sites, live-view touch screen operation, complimentary logo design, fun vintage props, professional DSLR camera, studio lighting with hi-res portrait quality photos, multiple backdrop choices, multiple photo booth styles to fit any occasion, and of course a charming photo booth attendant ;)  I can install outdoors using a white canopy, indoors with a wooden enclosed booth for formal events, or an open photo booth for a fun atmosphere. The high quality lighting and definition within a photographic studio is right at your fingertips. We encourage you to let your imaginations run wild.

    Photo-Booth-Rental-255x170Operating the photo booth is very simple and pretty clever. The photo booth software controls the camera, lighting, timing between shots and printing. All of this is managed from a touch-screen monitor placed in front of the camera. The monitor's other purpose is to show a live-view of what the camera sees even before any shots are taken. View yourself on the monitor as 4 shots are taken in 10 second intervals. Quickly delete the shots you don't like, print the ones you do. Your photos are printed immediately on our high quality Epson printers and in your hands to share with friends moments later.

         WHAT IT COSTS:

    Photo booth rates are  $400 for 3 hours and $100 for each additional hour. Travel to the Phoenix Metro area from Tucson is easy but we do ask for a $50 travel fee. A scrapbook (totally fun!) is just a materials cost of $25.  I ask to begin setting up 3 hours before the event to double check lighting conditions and run print tests. You are never billed for set-up time or waiting and prints are always unlimited and free during the event.

         I keep 2 Epson printers running pretty much full time. Given that 4 print layouts are offered, the most common print type is a 2"x6" traditional photo booth strip or 4"x6" with 1 large + 3 small images. With these, we can add a custom logo from your event or wedding monogram. Every guest in the photo booth receives one print with duplicates and enlargements made at no charge. One extra print copy is made and added to a scrapbook ($25) which your guests are asked to sign. If their is a particularly good shot, something candid perhaps as their always is, your guests are asked if they would like enlargements of that single shot. Our photo booth software not only prints out small images but captures large format photographs. A few days after the event, we professionally edit and hand correct all of your photos before uploading them to Dropbox where your guests can view and download the original hi-resolution photos. Every print is stamped on the back with a shortened URL that leads to your Dropbox folder so that every guest can easily find their photos later.

         We offer 3 different Photo Booth Studios:

    • Open Photo Booth Studio - no walls, as large as 10'x10'
    • 10'x10' Outdoor Canopy - large 10'x10' white canopy perfect for garden weddings, enclosed on 3 sides
    • Wooden Enclosed Photo Booth - black bead board with black & white striped curtains

         The photo booth installations are very enjoyable because of the high quality studio lighting, witty props, and instant prints. At most events, the photo booth will see everyone at least once with people always jumping back in for more shots. With 3 styles of photo booth we can integrate flawlessly into any event or wedding.  I am always on site at the photo booth to help guests and inspire everyone to have fun. I work hand in hand with either you or your event planner to create the atmosphere for which you are looking.


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    Phone: 720.216.4738

    2 Studio locations:

    502 S. 6th Ave. Unit 2 Tucson, AZ  85719
    5830 N 12th Place Unit 4 Phoenix, AZ  85014